Boost your Marketing using KND’s Social Media Accelerators


A few months ago we posted an article, (Fresh is best! Original content bears fruit) about how Google loves fresh content and will rank your website higher if you post regularly. It’s easy to say, but quite another thing to make it actually happen! We know from personal experience how hard it can be to be constantly creating new content for our website and monthly enewsletter. Most businesses are not natural ‘publishing houses’ and there is often no-one specifically tasked with making sure that fresh, and interesting (and of course relevant) content is written.

We also know the value of doing this, not only in terms of Google rankings, but in getting this information out to your database via an update or newsletter. Businesses that do this report higher engagement with their clients and simply get more business either as a direct or indirect result of staying in touch.

Amazingly, a survey of Australian business last year by MYOB revealed that 73% of Australian businesses do not use email marketing and a staggering 87% do not write online blog articles or newsletters. So the field is wide open for those that do.

You may have noticed that KND has been writing articles on a regular basis and getting our email newsletter out every month for the past four months and we can report that this has been good for business. We can attribute at least 4 moderately sized projects directly to our monthly newsletter. It keeps us top of mind with our network and reminds older contacts that we are still here and going stong.

We have an internal resource to make sure 4 articles per month are written, posted to our site and wrapped up into a monthly newsletter – and the ROI is fantastic.

In our push to provide innovative and cost effective services to our clients we have decided to introduce a range of ‘Social Media Accelerators’ to help our clients generate relevant and interesting content and get this information out via email.

Our Social Media Accelerators come in 3 speeds …

  1. On the Grid: Starter kits for Social media and eNewsletters.
  2. Burn Rubber: Regular article writing/publishing (2 per month) with quarterly eNewsletter
  3. Pedal to the Metal: Regular article writing/publishing (4 per month) and monthly eNewsletter

To find out more visit our website for pricing or phone 1300 228 100 for the breakdown of how each package can accelerate your business.

Remember: This is the key to making your web presence work and we’ll make it easy for you. Don’t be left behind in the social revolution!


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