Aussie Car Loans Maintain Position


About six months ago Joe Martinovic and Jack Bradford at Aussie Car Loans decided that their websites all needed a revamp. The web was where much of their business was happening, as they rank extremely well for searches for ‘Car Loans’ and ‘Car Finance’ and they felt they needed more of a targeted web focused strategy to reinforce their position.

Aussie Car Loans are finance brokers and as the name implies, they help their customers finance car purchases. Alongside the Aussie Car Loans website sit a range of sister companies providing finance for a range of other purchases, from boats, bikes to trucks and more.

Established in 2000 by Joe, now the websites needed not just a visual update, but a smarter, smoother way to start the loan application process online that integrated with their back-end system.

After winning the tender, Jack briefed the guys at KND on what was required and they got to work. Working through a full rebrand, information design strategy, visual design and construction of seven integrated websites was a challenging process, especially when maintaining page one Google listings was paramount.

“From the get-go the KND guys had a very good handle on what we were looking to achieve. As with all projects of this nature, with input coming from a number of different people, it’s always going to involve a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing, but to their credit they handled this really well and I’m pleased to say we were able to deliver the project within four months from start to finish. There were a few holdups along the way – often on our part – but ultimately the project was completed pretty quickly.” said Jack.

The sites use the WordPress multi-site feature with a very strong focus on SEO to tackle Google’s new ‘Panda’ updates. The system also provides lots of room to grow fresh content. Critical in the redevelopment was ensuring Google maintain positions of strategic keywords.

“We’re really happy with the way the new site works. The rebranding has been very well received by our customers, as has the simplification of the onsite processes from the customer’s point of view. We were also very impressed by Ian Butler’s design work – working with the KND team he produced some great design work. It’s early days to say if the project has resulted in any more sales, but we’ll know in a month or so.” Jack explained.

After a tense wait, Google’s re-listing of the seven sites has been excellent,  not only maintaining position but making ground in some areas.


See the online application form in action at:


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