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DonkeyAustralia’s most well endowed Web Hosting Packages

KND have just upgraded their web-hosting servers and are proud to whip out their package and offer it to businesses that are just not being satisfied by their current provider.

Web hosting can often be inadequate with out you even knowing it. If your site is choking, going down or your mailbox fills up regularly, these are telltale signs that your hosting provider is just not doing the business.

Erecting a web site on substandard hosting will only result in flaccid performance with no happy ending in sight. Large hosting that shares its services with too many clients often has gaping security holes with wide-open back doors for hackers.

KND Web Hosting is a boutique service. We won’t shove unwanted features down your throat or lead you up the dirt track. Our depth of service is well rounded and if you have an issue, call us and we’ll jump right on it. When we get to the root of the problem we’ll call you and explain it in plain English until you have a firm grasp on the thrust of the solution.

Packages start at …

Dwarf Package
1GB space / 10GB transfer

and go up to the

John Holmes Package
5GB space / 50GB transfer

Hosting so good, you’ll need a cigarette afterwards.

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