Digital Strategy for 2013


Google on iPhoneNow is definitely the time to get your 2013 digital strategy in place and start putting your plans into action. KND is in the middle of our own website redevelopment (‘about time’ I hear you say) and as we kick off the year, it is timely that we ensure all our ducks are aligned when we launch next month.

So what are we paying close attention to in the first quarter? Here’s our Top 3 digital strategies for SME’s.

The Top 3 Digital Strategies for 2013

Tip 1: Mobile, mobile all the way

Mobile computing isn’t the future and it isn’t just for kids in their 20’s. Having a mobile specific site can increase your leads significantly.

One of our clients just this week released a mobile version of their main website, with a mobile specific lead capture process and overnight has been treated to a 25% increase in enquiry! While it is too soon to judge the conversion rate of these leads, it does remind us all that if you provide a service that users find easy, then results will flow.

Adapting your website for mobile viewing is now a must, so start thinking about how you can make your business easy to buy from … from anywhere.

Tip 2: SEM is back, but don’t ignore SEO

Many businesses and marketeers are confused about whether to invest in Pay-Per-Click advertising (SEM) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and our overwhelming advice is to do both – only on the condition that you monitor the performance of your campaigns and review your investment decisions according to the statistics.

In some industries, SEM is just a far to expensive proposition, but if you think creatively there maybe a better way. Explore paid advertising in Facebook for example, or the benefits of remarketing in Google advertising. There are options for large and small businesses.

SEO is getting more important every year. Investing in SEO provides medium to long-term benefits that SEM can never deliver. Imagine being on page one of Google for your prospects’ top search terms. This is possible with proven strategies that still align with Google’s rules. It takes a little longer to gain results, but once you have a strong ranking, it’s quite easy to maintain.

Tip 3: Good Content is still King

If you don’t have a fresh content strategy on your website that integrates with your Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and Facebook accounts then you are stark raving MAD! We consistently carry on about this, but content marketing should be at the core of your digital marketing strategy. If writing content is too difficult or time consuming for you, pay someone to do it for you. Businesses that have a content strategy receive more repeat business, more referrals and stand out of the crowd.

So our recommendation is start writing, publishing and distributing unique and engaging articles. If you would like to start but don’t have a clue or even if you have a clue, but want to take advantage of some of our insights, then please call us – we have content marketing packages to assist.

Here is an excellent Info Graphic from Blue Glass…


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