Displaying RSS and XML Feeds


Live World Cup news and results on your site.

Everyone wants fresh and interesting content for his or her web site, but very few people have the time to write it unless you have no life like me.

RSS to the rescue!

An RSS or XML feed is basically a news feed provided by another site. A small piece of code called an aggregator, when placed in your site, allows you to display a live feed of the news from their site onto your site.

Why bother?

  • Consistently fresh content gives your customers another reason to visit your site.
  • Search engines re-index your site more often because there is always new content to index.
  • You don’t have to write it yourself
  • It’s a great way to display information from a wide variety of sources in one, simple-to-navigate place.

KND have a feed from Google News on Internet Marketing, SEO and New Web Technologies. Google News is a great way to tailor the feed content to your needs. Simply do a search for the news you are after and click RSS on the left side. Copy the URL and give it to your web developer to include in your site.

Aggregators can come in all shapes and sizes. There are custom aggregators you can integrate into your site, alternatively Google has one, Yahoo has one and Feedster is very popular. Here’s something else you may not know – iTunes is an aggregator for podcasts.

FIFA World Cup News Feed

World Cup Fever has bitten me and I have included a FIFA World Cup News feed of general World Cup News from BBC World Sport and news on the Australian team from the Official FIFA World Cup Site by Yahoo!.

Putting an RSS news feed on your site will give your customers fresh and interesting content to read, keep them coming back to your site and leave your weekends free from writing. Perhaps I should have called the article “RSS – Keeping marriages together since 1999”.

I will be writing a whole lot more about news feeds, podcasts, vodcasts, newscasts, broadcasts and being out classed in the near future … but that’s just my forcast.

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