Document Management has a New Name


OURDISK logoWe’ve had an interesting couple of weeks in the complex and tedious world of trademark ownership. We have had to change the name of our newly launched document management software, FileSight. Apparently FileSight is not as original as we thought. Apparently, FileSite is the same as FileSight.


With a looming deadline for some magazine advertising, we were forced to think of a new name … a good one … that is still available … and design a logo … a good one … that doesn’t look like anyone else’s … in two days … bugger. So, we did what any self-respecting business would do – we went to the pub.

Unfortunately, that produced a lot of names like Fileasaurus and DocuMentalCase, but nothing actually useful. Finally, Dan saved the day at the eleventh hour, with OURDISK™. We’ve registered it in every possible way that something can be registered and the logo is a vast improvement on the FileSight artwork. (Sorry Hawk. )

Existing FileSight users will be switched to the new name over the next few weeks. Don’t worry; nothing will change except the name.

And so, without further ado, we smash a bottle of something bubbly on her bow and shove her off down the slipway and back out into the wild blue yonder.

…Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange…

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