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iPhoneWhat could your business do with its own iPhone app?

Apple reports that there are more than 350,000 apps available on the iTunes store, and at KND we think we have most of them on our phones!

Of course most iPhone apps are just a bit of fun, but many businesses are using the current popularity of iPhone apps to launch apps of their own. Think about how this differentiates your company from your competitors. If you have a useful, or perhaps even amusing app available for your company, it provides another way of interacting with your customers and prospects.

There are basically two styles of app. There is the app that IS the business e.g. the Angry Birds game so beloved of the British Prime Minister, and the kind of app that supplements or augments a business e.g. ANZ Mobile Banking. The latter provides more convenient ways for their clients to access their business, for example banking, shopping, booking tickets etc.

It’s also about making it easier for people to buy from you. For example, Accor Hotels have an app that helps you find an Accor hotel near you. It uses the geolocation tools on the iPhone with maps. It also compares the facilities, costs and availability. Without the app you would need to look up each hotel chain to use your Accor discount card (and then probably give up and go to Wotif).

We know of one business that was able to link a sale (and quite a large sale at that) directly to the fact that they were sufficiently forward-looking to have developed their own app. The client actually gave this as one of the reasons for deciding to buy from this company.

So think of the sort of information you can help your customers with (like Accor and ANZ) and see if there is a way of delivering it via an app. How can you extend your services or product offering to the mobile web?

The actual development of apps (which of course is something we do at KND) is often quite a straightforward process. And not necessarily that expensive either.

We’ve just finished an app for a client that helps on-the-road sales people keep up to date with product knowledge and latest industry news. The information was already accessible on the web, but it needed to be accessible on-the-road.

So next time you’re idling away a few minutes playing Angry Birds (or wondering how much money the developers have made out of it), think about how an app might benefit your business – how would your customers benefit if they could access your business from their phone?

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