Dramatically increase your web sales


A common misconception is that people actually want to read through all your carefully crafted text and beautiful, expensive images. They don’t. With the exception of perhaps a design-focused site or a blog, people are only on your web site because they need to do something. They have a very clear task. It’s up to you to work out what that task is and give it to them, straight up.

Usually they want to buy something, make a reservation or learn something. Don’t make them wade through a flowery introduction and fancy menu on the home page. It won’t be read and will often just turn people away. Instead, give them what they want. We have proven over and over that putting your reservations form or shop on the front page will increase sales dramatically. Make it mind-numbingly simple for people to get what they need. Believe me, they will appreciate it.

This is not to say that building trust with the customer is not important. However, pages of text that tell people how nice you are does nothing to build trust. A much more effective way to build trust is to provide a quick and reliable interface that is simple to use and delivers what they want for the best price, while adding value in some other way.

Did I mention put your booking system or shop on the front page?


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