KND launch Ourdisk – Easy Online Document Sharing


File upload, sharing and collaboration

Ever needed to share some files with a team and wished there was a better way than email? OurDisk does just that. It provides a secure, easy way to share files of all types and sizes.

OurDisk is the perfect solution for remote teams and business-to-client document collaboration.

OurDisk is a central location for your key documents like PDFs, Word docs and project material. Your documents live in a highly secure environment and you control who sees each document. Files too large to email are also easily uploaded and stored within your secure web system.

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Ourdisk is built for:

The construction industry:

  • Keep their project team up to date with easy access to the latest ‘official’ version of ‘the’ file. Filesight provides one central distribution system for your project team.
  • Architects use it to share large files – too big for email.

The creative industries:

  • Graphic Designers use it to control sign-off processes with clients and deal with either many large design files.
  • Printers who need to group final proofs for sign-off.
  • Agencies who need sign-off of final artwork or advertising.

The legal profession:

  • Often, both sides of a legal argument need to share documents between teams.This is the perfect solution for the task.
  • Safe and highly secure storage.

Anybody who needs to share large files:

  • Email can only send 5mb files at best. Use FileSight to upload the documents, invite your client to log-in to access the file and avoid the email process all together.

Ourdisk features:

Your own branded remote file access system for your team or clients to access from anywhere on the planet.

File Management:

  • Upload up to 35mb files, but we will soon cater for larger files;
  • Create your own file storage structure;
  • Drag and drop ordering;
  • Store PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, video and most file types (excluding .exe files); and
  • Lock down access to files to particular groups.


  • Easy to use, web 2.0 interface;
  • Manage your file structure with ease;
  • Add and remove users;
  • File upload straight into file directory;
  • Add users to groups; and
  • Allocate groups of users to view all or individual directories of files.
  • Secure access management to protect directories from unauthorised access.


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