Fresh is best! Original content bears fruit


Fruit basketWe often get asked: “How often should I update my homepage content?”

The answer is simple – as often as you possibly can! It is easy to say but for many time poor SMEs much harder to do. So, what is practical and what are the real benefits of making the effort?

There are 2 significant benefits:

  1. The more often you change your website, the more often Google returns to your site to index and rank. This can mean from months to weeks and even daily.
  2. Fresh content means more search friendly keywords and articles that will further build your search engine ranking performance and also keep your business top of mind for your prospects and customers.

Why is it important?

Google has recently updated their indexing calculation (algorithm) which has affected the organic listing of over 11% of the total number of websites online. The update is designed to reward high quality original content, not just re-posted third party articles and links to and from other sites.

As you could imagine, this change has affected a huge number of sites, with some sites dropping in ranking and others getting a boost. Google’s intention is sound and designed to reduce the crowded online landscape that is suffering badly from spam and automated content generation.

What can you do?

  • Just write and publish high quality original articles that engage your audience OFTEN!
  • Focus each article on keywords that relate to your product or service and assist or inspire your audience and customers

What will make easier for you?

  • Build your web presence around a good quality Content Management System such as WordPress that makes writing and publishing content a breeze
  • Publish your blog to RSS feeds that will get your message out there faster and to a broader audience
  • Push your articles to social sites using automated tools provided by Facebook, Linked and Twitter

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About the author:

Jason Hawkins is a senior application strategist, information architect and director at KND. His knowledge is based on years of industry experience in taking online application ideas to reality across a broad range of industries.

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