KND’s footprint turns green!


Any news report in the past year without at least one story on the imminent demise of the planet would have felt empty, like a water tank with nothing in it. It’s the topic on everyone’s lips, well, that and fuel prices. But, what can one person do to stop this impending doom?

As an individual, it doesn’t seem like there is much I can do except perhaps install a water tank and some solar panels. I could go all out and plant a veggie patch and grow a beard*. But, after all, I’m just one man.

I can, however, make a bigger dent with KND. KND is 10 staff strong and we are not that different to most people, I guess. We don’t chain our selves to trees, but then again, we don’t go out every weekend clubbing seals and eating shark-fin soup either. We wanted to do our bit, so we have taken a few measures to improve the air our kids will breathe. We are not calling it a ‘green initiative’ or some other equally pompous title. We are just doing a few common sense things to reduce our impact.

KND is now using 100% Green Power.

  • All of our power is sourced from wind, solar and hydropower (that does not involve the re-direction of natural water flow in rivers).
  • All of our paper is recycled when we buy it and is recycled when we finish with it.
  • All our cleaning products are eco friendly.
  • And, Lyndon’s next tattoo is going to be made from organic soy ink.

This is easy stuff to implement so, give us a call if you want to know more.

* It has been all but proven that growing a beard can help the environment. Most environmentalists know of the phenomena, however actual scientific facts remain elusive at this time.


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