How to use Google Real-Time Reporting


Over the past few weeks, tracking the new Google Analytics Real-Time reporting interface has been somewhat hypnotic. But aside from the casual fascination of watching users pop on and off your site as the seconds roll by I struggled to see how business owners could use it to real benefit. That was until I hit ‘send’ on our latest monthly e-Newsletter and realised the true power of Google’s live reports.

You can watch your readers in action, discovering which articles are instantly popular and what bombs. See them move from article to article as they click on various ‘click-through’ links from your email. Very powerful reporting tool. I think I am in love! Give it a go next time you send a bulk email.

How do you access Real-Time reports? Log into your analytics account, click on the ‘Home’ tab and then choose the ‘Real-Time (Beta)’ link in the left column. Yes, it is still in Beta release, but it’s very cool and worth a look.



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