KND Release New Strategic Planning Software


ForesightHQ LogoKND has just launched its new Strategic Planning software, ForesightHQ. You can find it at …, believe it or not. The software has been developed in collaboration with company boards to accelerate their strategic planning process. We have been working with a key client for the past six months to fine-tune the software we’re extremely happy with it now.

We have always taken planning and goal setting very seriously at KND and know the difference between a goal and a new year’s resolution. A new year’s resolution is a great way to feel guilty for a month about something that you know you will never achieve, whereas a goal is an idea that is broken down into manageable chunks and attached to a timeline. This means it has a much better chance of getting done.

This is exactly what ForesightHQ does. It is a simple web-based planning tool that takes your big ideas and long-term goals and breaks them into manageable tasks. If you can use a whiteboard marker, then you can use ForesightHQ. It’s extremely flexible and, because it’s on the web, you can access it anywhere at any time. It’s cheap too at $29/user/month (Aussie dollars!).


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