KND Turns 9


Michael Mocan's new deskIt’s April 1st, which means it is KND’s birthday. Yes, and April Fool’s Day. Ironic? Not really. This year we turned 9. To celebrate, we bought ourselves all new furniture and washed it down with a bottle of bubbly.

Apparently, the guys thought the office looked like a drab insurance company and it was literally sapping their will to live. Such an emergency called for quick action. Within a week we had a buyer for our old furniture and found some bargains at IKEA to replace the depressing mess that we called an office. We are cool and cutting-edge goddamnit! And, what better place to buy a thin veneer of chic than IKEA.

Before the KND office refit


The whole refit happened on Friday and was finished over the weekend. Jason put most of the new furniture together and is now doing well at his IKEA anger management course, although the slightest mention of an allen key will set him off.

The shiny new ljusåsuvås, stornäs and förlåts give the place a fresh and open vibe with just enough cool-factor to call ourselves cutting-edge again. Phew!

After the KND Office refit


With new surroundings, comes new thinking. We just launched a new iPhone app called Böterdåånfäörmväile, but it comes flat packed and you have to build it yourself with our easy-to-follow manual … and a short course on databases.

Hopefully our next article will be more informative, but in the meantime, come in and check out the new digs and we’ll split a jar of sylt hallon & blåbär.


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