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Winston Churchill“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Winston Churchill (1942)

For many businesses a new website going live is something to be celebrated. The temptation is to tick that project off the list, sit back and watch the sales come in. The trouble is, it rarely works this way.

Once the new site is live, marketing and promotion need to kick in to drive people to it, especially if it is an ecommerce site where visitors can transact (read: pay you money).

So, what are the best ways to promote your new site online? These fall into two broad categories:

  1. Traffic you pay for
  2. Traffic you earn

1) Traffic you pay for

This is essentially advertising and includes Google AdWords (or search engine marketing – SEM), social advertising on networks like Facebook and YouTube, affiliate programs, paid directory entries and banner ads. Usually, you pay per click (PPC) as in the SEM and social scenarios or by the month for the others.

2) Traffic you earn

You ‘earn’ traffic when search engines like Google rank your website on the first page or two for certain search key terms. You can do this in a few different ways, but the common denominator is to provide plenty of up-to-date useful information for visitors.

It provides good quality, keyword focused content for Google, but it’s also a reason for your visitors to continue to engage with your site. If the content is really interesting, other sites will link to it, thus producing another element highly prized by Google – a backlink – which in turn contributes to your search engine ranking.

But – and here’s the big BUT, it takes concerted effort to keep a website up-to-date on a regular basis*, but without that effort, it will disappear into obscurity like many millions before it.

At KND, we have been working on ways to help you continue growing your website and creating fresh and interesting content. Whether you are updating a news or blog section, or simply keeping existing web pages current.

We understand that not all businesses are set up to do this easily, so we have introduced a few new services for 2012 to help you do this:

WordPress Training – learn how to take control of your web site

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. And we know it inside out. WordPress is pretty straightforward to use, but all software has its quirks.

We run regular morning WordPress training sessions on managing content, and getting the most from this powerful little CMS. The groups are small so you we can tailor the information to your particular needs.

The Next Session
Wednesday 8th February
Cost: $20
When: 7:30am – 8.45am
Where: KND Offices in Spring Hill
What to bring: Laptop optional, sense of humour
Excellent coffee and biscuits provided

Call 07 3832 4077 for more details.

Email Newsletter Training – learn how to use the technology and put together engaging newsletters

Spam filters and tough spam legislation means that you can no longer just ‘send an email’ to 500 people. The smartest way of sending emails to ensure delivery and make certain you’re not breaching the anti-spam legislation is to use systems specifically designed for email marketing.

We will be running regular two-hour training sessions to guide you through the technology. We’ll also show you ways to write engaging and meaningful content that not only encourages people to read your newsletter, but actually enjoy it and respond.

Contact us on 07 3832 4077 for more information.

What if you don’t have the time and/or resources to create the content? That’s where our third service comes in:

Article Publishing and Email Newsletter Creation

The main driver behind KND’s monthly newsletters is now available to our clients. After a brief interview, we put together draft content for approval and then load it up to you site and/or incorporate it into an email newsletter to send out to your database. It’s almost effortless.

Contact us on 07 3832 4077 for more information.

*see our previous article last year – Fresh is best! Original content bears fruit


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