New discount buying service for B2B


bizzbuzz logoWe had a great response from our article on how to use coupon sites to promote your business. Now there is a new site offering essentially the same approach, but for B2B (business-to-business) deals.

The site is called bizzbuzz. It offers special deals at a minimum of 40% off ‘normal’ rates from various vendors.

Although it has jumped on the group buying bandwagon, it doesn’t require a minimum number of deals, just an opportunity for a vendor to offer a deal through the system. It makes sense if you can support your deal with some ‘group buying’ marketing.

The downsides are still there:

  • maintaining your ability to service existing full paying clients
  • making sure you are not losing on the discounted deal
  • providing equal service to the coupon holders so they either come back or tell someone else about you

Clearly you benefit from showcasing your business on a prominent website, so it’s primarily an online advertising medium, but it could also be a very effective way to get things moving in the New Year.


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