New Domain Name Extensions


Internet Explorer Screen shotBy July next year we will start to see new domain name extensions on top of the 250 that already exist. Addresses such as .australia, .brisbane, .america, and .newyork will be available for people to register a domain name under.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have also announced that the regulating body of the new domain names are undecided, whether it will be local government bodies or not is to question. If local governments had control over domain names, they could ensure that the domain ‘actually’ has significance to that local area.

Large companies such as eBay would also like to have their own domain extension so they could have domains like cars.ebay and storename.ebay. It will create an extremely large volume of work for ICANN to begin with so we will not see some extensions for quite some time, and ICANN have to treat each extension request individually to ensure it doesn’t offend different countries and nationalities.

When the domain extensions become available, it will be a guarantee that names like accommodation.australia or cars.america will be the first to go to cyber squatters or anyone lucky enough to beat them.

From the knowledge I have received from Google and Microsoft is that ICANN is going to be really strict on who gets control of the domain name extensions.

.brisbane will most likely be controlled by the Brisbane City Council, like wise with .newyork, .america, and so on.

hand on domain nameHaving the domain names controlled by local representatives can be a good thing as well as a bad thing (especially for those who are slow to adopt the Internet, and those who place it as a low priority). However, if there is a local government organisation looking after the domain extension, they could set-up some limitations on how to register one, like you HAVE to own the business name in that region or your business sells the product or service (ie: Hilton can register accommodation.america as they provide accommodation in America).

One thing that comes to mind about these new domain extensions is the difficulty of domain registrars keeping up, they used to have a short list, now they are going to have 100’s and possibly 1000’s. Again, where you can register the domain name might be another factor your local authority sets.

A lot of unknowns but still this is a really awesome incentive for the Internet, as it is extremely difficult to register a good domain name these days.


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