Our Methodology

App Design is all About Planning

strategy-fieldA deep understanding of our clients, their business model and software goals is critical to a successful result. Constant engagement at all stages of the web development process maintains clarity and produces excellent results.


Our Web Development Processes

  1. Visual and Structural Design
    We use wireframing and persona modeling to design for specific audience segments and assist communication with the visual design team
  2. Technical Documentation
    All functional requirements like security and data, reporting, redundancy and system modeling are documented to provide a clear path for everyone involved
  3. Project Management
    Budget and timeline milestones are strictly adhered to. Our project managers effectively drive this process in an Agile methodology.
  4. Bugs, tasks and requests
    Bug and Task tracking is reported, monitored and addressed via an online system. It allows our clients and development team to work together in a structured and historical environment.
  5. Development and release
    Our development environment is separated into staged release servers structured to suit the project. In most cases this entails a development server, a testing/staging server and live production server. This enables us to thoroughly test an application prior to release. It also means we can rollback quickly.

Open Source Technology

KND prefer Open Source frameworks that allow rapid development based on reliable and proven technologies. It also doesn’t lock our clients into a proprietary system.

Although these are our preferred technologies, we have an expanded group of professionals to cater for all technological requirements.

The benefits of using these technologies are web-browser friendly, scalable, secure, reliable and proven.