OurDisk is turning 2! (V 2.0 that is)


Version One of our document management software, OurDisk has been very well received across a range of different markets with our client base growing every day. Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers over the last 9 months, we now have a whole bunch of feature requests that have gone into the melting pot for OurDisk V2.0.

We are very excited about the result getting closer to release as we continue to echo our passion for building user-friendly web software that makes doing business easier.

Whilst the core of the app remains the same, improvements include;

  • revised file navigation to cater for hundreds of categories, files and users,
  • smarter communication tools for notifying your clients of file updates,
  • and, rich reporting for administrators are also added to the mix.

For the techies out there, we are also adding 2048bit file encryption – the best on the market – to ensure security of your documents.

So, when is the release I hear you ask? Early November is the target.

To find out more visit the OurDisk website


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