Protection Starts with a Strong Password


If you own a website, this will scare the pants off you.

The most common way to hack a website is to guess the password. It is usually done using a technique called a brute-force attack. Hackers use software to iterate through password combinations and repeatedly try them on your site.

There is free software available that will run on an ordinary desktop PC that can check over 100 million combinations per second. A complex 8-digit password using mixed case, numbers and symbols has only 1 billion permutations. It can be cracked in 16 minutes. To speed things up, hackers hijack hundreds of thousands of computers to do the work. To say the numbers become very large at this point would be a gross understatement.

By using basic passwords, you are saying to hackers “please use my website to relay spam, run malware, run phishing software or promote your religious or political ideals”.

If your password is readable, a teenager can hack it with free software… in minutes.

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