Q4 Online Market Trend Wrap Up


graphCoupons (Group Buying)

While overseas players have dominated the Australian group-buying scene, many Australian companies have now built strong brands and found niche markets.

One of the many varying estimates on the value of the group buying and daily discounts sector in Australia puts it at $377 million in 2010–11, making it the fastest growing retail platform in Australia(1).

However, the figures from Quantium, an analytics firm which analyses data for a number of major companies including NAB, show revenue peaked in August 2011, with the February 2012 results 34% below that point(2).



ABS data show that the value of internet commerce in Australia has grown strongly in the past five years, having more than tripled from $40 billion in 2004-05 to $143 billion in 2009-10.

While the data relates to purchases of goods and services across the economy, and not specifically purchases for retail goods, it is indicative of the increasing importance of internet e-commerce to the Australian economy(3).

“While Australia has experienced rapid growth in online shopping, the lack of local big brand retailers selling online is forcing shoppers to buy from overseas competitors – creating space for local and niche operators to flourish.”(4)

Examples of this are Lorna Jane, Surf Stitch, applianceonline.com.au to name but a few.


web for mobileM-Commerce

Smartphones now account for 63 per cent of all mobile devices in the market. As the average Australian consumer cycles phones every two years, internet enabled phones may reach 100 per cent penetration by 2013.

Companies embracing the mobile channel will attract and acquire new customers and encourage loyalty among their existing customer base. M-commerce strategy, however, needs to be smarter than simply taking orders via a mobile device. Savvy companies are using their mobile marketing strategies to reach out to these consumers through promotions and allowing them to redeem vouchers via their phones(5).

Mobile platforms also present a unique opportunity to combine social marketing with product sales to create brand loyalty and personality.



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