New site. New brand. Big party.


Like a painter’s house or a mechanic’s car, KND’s website has been at the bottom of our todo list for quite a while. Well, we’ve finally done it, as you may have already guessed.

With the new look website, comes a fresh new brand, a re-focus of our energy and quite probably a massive launch party. We turned 10 last year, so it’s about time.

Web design has changed so much since we began with our ‘one-pager’ more than a decade ago. So much so that the web is almost unrecognisable by comparison (thankfully).

The last two years have been particularly pivotal with

  1. smart phones now out-numbering people,
  2. Google dictating the rules
  3. and Flash dying a sad, undignified, slow-loading death.

These three things have changed the way we must think about the web. You can no longer assume your audience is sitting at their desk with the patience to figure out confusing navigation to find critical information buried deep in your site.

With more than half of all web traffic originating from mobile devices, we need to think differently about what our businesses look like online. Mobile users are not just looking up your phone number. They want to transact online.

  • Your content must have clarity, and
  • Your site must be easy to use with one finger

Cars and houses are being sold on mobile phones. Shares are being traded and people hired and fired on mobile devices. This is serious stuff!

What part of your business do your customers need to access while on the move?

So, we hope we’ve practised what we preach with this new site. It’s by no means finished – websites never should be, but it will provide a solid base to grow with us over the next few years.

Thanks to everyone for your continuing support.

KND Digital Team

Note: Try reducing the width of your browser to see what happens to our site. That’s called Responsive Design.


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