SEO is certainly not dead


Google’s latest Hummingbird update has left many businesses questioning whether SEO is dead.

shoulder-surgery-brisbaneWhere keywords, page titles and quality content were once king, Hummingbird now suggests constantly creating unique content that ‘answers peoples questions’ is necessary to rank highly – something that proves difficult for small businesses with limited resources.

We have recently proved commonly used SEO methods can still be hugely successful in our latest case study with the Brisbane Knee and Shoulder Clinic.

By implementing simple rules around keywords placement, page titles, building links in pages and quality content, the clinic has received Number 1 organic Google search ranking for key search terms, resulting in a 167% increase in website traffic from search engines and 86% increase in general traffic, all in the last half of 2013.

This is an increase from 387 visitors per month from search engine traffic to 1032 visitors per month, and general site traffic increase from 700 visitors per month to more than 1300 visitors in the space of five months.

This is without constantly producing unique content, which Google suggests is necessary for organic search ranking. The suggestion that SEO is dead is far from the truth.

SEO-BKSS“The essence of Hummingbird is that to gain organic ranking, websites need to produce more content around conversational keyword phrases. It has set this expectation that small businesses should turn into a newsroom which is extremely difficult with limited resources,” says Mr Hawkins.

“You can still get ahead using standard SEO tactics – creating well-structured, well-worded web pages with quality metadata, building in-bound links, writing unique content and having a relevant domain.

“There is an art and science to SEO, but the good old rules still apply. SEO is certainly not dead. Google is still just looking for the most relevant result. What can you do to make your site the most relevant?”

Brisbane Knee and Shoulder Clinic business owner Dr Kelly Macgroarty says that SEO has given his business a healthy boost.

“We were getting no referrals through our website previously, now we constantly receive referrals each month,” says Dr Macgroarty.

“Previously all our referrals came from our patient’s GP, but now with more people relying on the Internet to find services, it was important to make ourselves known in this space.

“This way, patients are finding us online and then going to the GP to ask for a referral specifically to our clinic.”


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