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Google returns 166,000,000 results when you search for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is big business. Everyone wants to know about it and everyone has a theory on it. With the web growing at an exponential rate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to rank you site in the top 10. The top search engines take hundreds of things into account when ranking the relevance and importance of web sites. The topic can be long and complicated and usually results in a heated discussion. SEO can be a cheap way to promote your site or it can cost 1000’s every month.

To evaporate the fog and mystery that surrounds SEO, let me boil it down to the most basic elements.

Content, content, content, content and did I mention… content?

Seo tips to begin with …
  • Research the terms you most want to be found under. (Find research tool below)
  • Research the terms that people are actually searching for. (Notice the difference?)
  • Assess your content and think about why your content doesn’t have these words in the content. Are they really relevant? Is your content really relevant?
  • Halve everything you have written then halve it again. Most content is just feel-good filler that just wastes everyone’s time. Are you delivering the important stuff, or just welcoming them to your web site?
  • On the other hand, have enough content. Engines need between 200 and 400 words to get a good idea of what you are really trying to say.
  • SEO is a careful balance of delivering interesting, relevant content while skilfully weaving important key words throughout.
  • Important SEO content areas:
    • URLs
    • Titles
    • Site descriptions
    • Page headings
    • Sub-headings
    • Content
  • Keep it fresh. Change or add content regularly. More maintained sites will move up the rankings while stale sites will slide down.
  • Be patient. Google can take months to show the results of your hard work. Hang in there.
SEO things to avoid
  • Frames
  • Headings as images
  • Text on the same coloured background. Be careful with background images. Engines can’t see them.
  • Flash. Engines can’t read this content either

These simple tips are the best place to start. If you need results fast, consider Google Adwords (Pay-per-click for Sponsored Links).

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