Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy and Analytics

KND’s approach is born from strategy. A clear digital strategy helps you make better decisions. It outlines KPIs and benchmarks for success and ensures that each element of your digital strategy is working towards a common goal.

How do we know it’s working? We test it. And, we continue testing and making improvements so the original strategy moves and adapts to your business, the market and the rate of change of the technology.

A goal without an action plan is just a wish
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our strategic advisors can help your organisation in three key areas:

  1. Increasing reach & market share online
  2. Business process optimisation
  3. New product planning and start-up design

Our senior team have over 15 years’ experience across each these disciplines and are driven to find the best return on investment.

If you are building an app, our team can help you

  • evaluate the viability;
  • estimate development costs and options;
  • plan a rollout strategy;
  • and, assess alternatives that may represent greater potential.

If you are building traffic we can

  • identify the most effective marketing channels;
  • build marketing strategies;
  • integrate onsite and off-site strategies;
  • perform deep analysis and translate the data into business terms;

Performance based Analytics

Every successful strategy is based on knowing your current environment. We use analysis tools to learn how your customers find you, why they purchase (or not) and how you can improve your site traffic and conversion rate.

Many of our clients discover that only modest adjustments their website and connected systems can improve performance well beyond expectations.

There should be no ‘guess work’. Our team can help you and your stakeholders uncover the correct metrics required to make informed decisions.

Forecasting and Strategy

Our Powering Up option clarifies your online goals. Whether you are positioning, analysing competitors, forecasting eCommerce sales or budgeting for ROI. This process will produce a well-structured, formally documented digital strategy for your business.

Powering Up is perfect for:

  • Businesses needing clarity
  • Ecommerce startups
  • Businesses re-focusing their marketing strategy
  • Marketing teams looking for an edge over competitors with the latest digital marketing innovations.

Scope your Application

For serious entrepreneurs or businesses with a large online presence, KND can help plan, scope and document your cloud or mobile application.

We’ll help you define user definitions, persona modeling, functional specifications and wireframe of every aspect of your website or application, this document can then be used to obtain quotes from any development team you wish.

This process will bring clarity to your idea and reduce the development risk enormously.

Perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Larger businesses
  • Cutting edge ideas
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A solid digital strategy is the key to making your online dollar work hard. There is an endless list of channels, approaches and combinations you can use to increase your online presence.

We’ll help you develop a strategy with the right combination of techniques to optimise your budget.

Don’t fly blind, maximise your return on investment with a digital strategy designed by industry professionals. No guess work.