Offshore Facilitation

Offshore Facilitation

The growth in Australian companies heading offshore for their IT services and application development is huge, especially in the last 12 months. From SMEs through to large corporates, the reality of cutting costs to remain competitive is vital and as a result, offshoring is an appealing option.

We’ve worked with offshore teams in various countries on a wide range to projects over the past 8 years. We’ve also helped our clients navigate the offshoring minefield to build apps more competitively.

We call this offshore facilitation. We help reduce your risk and ensure that the development work you receive offshore is high quality, on time and on budget.

How does offshore facilitation work?

It’s simple, powerful and reduces your risk.

  1. We design and plan your project here in Australia
  2. We prepare a detailed technical specification on paper (wireframes and technical requirements documents)
  3. We obtain 3 quotes from offshore development teams (that we trust). A detailed brief increases quoting accuracy.
  4. We help you choose an offshore team fits the project based on cost, similar project portfolios and risk metrics.
  5. We can then use our technical expertise and years of experience and act as project managers throughout the life of the project to ensure you reach your innovation targets on time and within budget.

Why choose offshore facilitation?

Software and complex web development is HIGH RISK. Planning your documentation and design locally significantly reduces this risk.

  • Design and planning is as much as a cultural fit as a technical need. We understand user behaviour and how to model the app to meet your goals.
  • Planning with your team face-to-face enables us to tease out all the potential challenges and rapidly find solutions and design styles.
  • We have designed and built many apps over the years. We know pitfalls and how to avoid them by translating your ideas into a solid plan in the language that developers understand.
  • Designing your application on paper first is a critical step in ensuring project success. It solidifies your ideas and eliminates confusion.
  • Quotes from offshore developers will be comparing ‘apples with apples’ as your specification is a detailed, definitive reference for the project.

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