Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

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The Getting Started package is designed for small businesses that exist in a niche market or just want to target a 4-6 key terms. SEO is all about time. Highly competitive markets require a lot of time to catch up to the competition who may already have a head start.

We will help you find terms that will return the maximum ROI. For example, a massage business is usually very localised. Instead of optimising for the general term ‘remedial massage’, we would recommend adding your location to the term (remedial massage brisbane) to narrow the market and increase the number of potential customers clicking on your site.

Competitive Advantage

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This package is designed for businesses targeting a national audience who want to drive some serious traffic. It enables you to target more terms and more competitive terms.

We know how to analyse and manipulate your site content to ensure you are a big player in the market. With our SEO Powering Up package you’ll be able to target several services of your business and go after some competitive terms.

High competition means high traffic if you are on Page 1.

World Domination

Through meticulous analysis and cutting edge white-hat techniques, we ensure you dominate the first page of the Google results. This package allows you to play in highly competitive markets and target terms that will make significant increases to your daily enquiries.

ROI is essential, especially at this level, so we monitor it very closely and report monthly (often weekly) to ensure the optimisations we are making are working in a constantly shifting environment.

This level is best coupled with a content marketing and social marketing plan.

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Simply having a website is not enough to be found amongst the 50 billion(ish) sites on the web today. it’s noisy! Your small voice needs to become a big voice if you want to be heard.

With so many options, people trust Google to deliver the most relevant ones to the top of the results, so they rarely venture beyond the first page of results or Top 10. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tunes your website and builds valuable links into your site to get you in that much coveted Top 10.

If you are launching a site, it’s vital to do it right from the beginning. Older sites may just need some TLC, in which case an SEO overhaul will get it ranking again in no time, but SEO needs to be an ongoing process. Search engine rankings are competitive. Think of your website as a racing car – it needs regular tuning to be faster than your competitors, who are also tuning their cars.

From site launch to SEO overhauling older sites and ongoing investment in organic positioning, SEO needs to be part of every marketing strategy.

All packages include varying levels of: