WCAG Compliance

WCAG Compliance

WCAG logoAccessibly is no longer optional for Government. WCAG 2.0 AA is mandatory for Australian Government at every level. And, it just makes good sense for corporate organisations.

17% – 20% of Australians have some form of visual, hearing or mobility impairment when using the Internet. That’s a large audience to exclude. Not to mention potential law suits. For example, Target settles for $6 million on website inaccessibility.

How can we help?

  1. KND Digital can design websites, apps, and downloadable content that adheres to the W3C guidelines.
  2. We also provide a full audit service
  3. And, we can retrofit your existing site to comply with the guidlines

vision-australia-logoKND Digital take accessibility very seriously, so much so we have a joint venture with TaggedPDF – Vision Australia’s exclusive accessible PDF provider. We have a team dedicated to providing accessibility services for Government agencies.


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