Web Development and Support

Web Development and Support

Digital development now takes many forms in the connected cloud world. Our team of experienced developers commonly work on:

  • Simple and complex website build projects
  • Forms, data handling, maps and processes
  • Adding extended functionality to your existing website
  • System to system integrations through APIs
  • Mobile apps
  • Custom cloud application development (onshore and offshore)

With 15 years of experience, we know what works and have many successful projects to prove it. We take an agile approach and have transparent systems and believe that open, honest communication is at the heart of successful development projects.

KND can design and build anything from a bespoke online presence to eCommerce, Intranets, association websites and Government sites. Our team will guide you through the options for the best results within your budget.

A design  not only needs the ‘wow’ factor, it needs to lead users to the key purposes of the site, whether that is to buy, signup, download, learn or be entertained. The architecture behind the design is what makes it work.

Support when it counts

No online system is complete without solid, reliable ongoing support. KND have several hundred sites and systems under our care. Some clients have been with us for over 12 years.

Support can range from occasional as-hoc requests to proactive monthly planning and rollout schedules.

We can structure a flexible plan to suit your business.

Custom designed websites

You may already have a website or may be starting fresh. Perhaps your business has changed since the last website and you need to re-think your strategy or structure.

  • Is your site difficult to manage?
  • Does it tell the right story?
  • Does it do what it’s supposed to?
  • Have you outgrown it?
  • Or is it just plain ugly?

This is by far our most popular package.  Our specialist web design team custom design and build a site to perfectly match your needs and future growth.

If you take your web presence seriously, then this solution is you.

  • An extensive planning, documentation and design phase.
  • Visual design unique to your brand and business.
  • Dedicated construction team
  • Strategic advice and best practice construction.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) advice and implementation

Websites with Smart Databases and Tools

In our experience, websites are rarely just a marketing tool. They often manage inventory, people, enrolments or documents or connect to systems that do. Customising your web presence is often the fastest way to meet your client and customer needs, but it can take the form of many unique environments:

  • external site integrations (API connections)
  • membership sites
  • elearning environments
  • custom eCommerce
  • catalogues
  • Facebook and social apps
  • Mobile applications and database integration

KND Digital have years of experience across a range of industries building custom solutions. In fact, our reputation has been founded on custom open source development.

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We all know that a website is critical to a business. Sometimes it is the business. And, like with any marketing spend, it needs to make a return on your investment.

A quick self-assessment:

  • Does my website reflect the professionalism of my business?
  • Can it be found in Google under generic industry terms?
  • Can your customers find what they need?
  • Is it easy to maintain?
  • How many people visit each month?
  • Does my web site make me money or save me time?
A web site should not be an online business card. It should actively save you time, make money or collect valuable marketing data for future use. Treat it as an extra sales person that works 24/7/365.