Website Security

Website Security

Hack Rescue logoWeb site security is absolutely critical. If you own a website, it is open to attack. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small business with a high or low profile. You are a target.

Most sites are under attack most of the time.

We host and monitor several hundred websites, some of them with very high profiles. Our long history of experience, along with a suite of sophisticated tools and monitoring services ensure our clients can sleep at night.

KND Digital is the operational core of our hack repair business “Hack Rescue” It provides high speed repair and website security hardening services for individual businesses and digital agencies nationwide.

We understand website security, we live and breath it every day.

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Prevention is better than rescue

We prefer to secure websites before they are hacked. A hack can cost $1000’s in lost revenue (and reputation).

Call us on 1300 228 100 to learn how to secure your site and email from a catastrophic hack.

See also our secure web hosting services. It’s much like other hosting services except it’s fast, secure and has great personal service.