Social Media Kills Email Marketing


My wife says I don’t communicate. Well, I beg to differ. Today my email program upgraded and migrated 29,540 email messages. You can’t really say I don’t communicate with those sort of numbers.


I am going to print this out and stick it on the fridge.

As a rough calculation, KND send and receive about 80,000 emails per year. 70,000 of that figure are managed by only four people. Based on our server stats, that only accounts for 15% of all our mail. It actually handles almost half a million emails a year. The other 85% is spam. That’s 453,333 spam messages per year!! That’s a lot of viagra!

These numbers sound big, but they would reflect most small businesses with a team of more than five. It also explains the steady decline in e-newsletters and increase in social networking.

In the past, advertisers just blasted advertising at us and, because there wasn’t a lot of entertainment choice and we listened like good little robots. These days, however, our entertainment choices are limitless and our in-built spam filters have become very effective. We have an amazing ability to block out perceived spam, just ask my wife.

Advertisers now have to entertain us to gain our permission to advertise their wares. We give permission by subscribing, becoming a fan or following them. The more entertaining they are, the longer we remain a fan. And unsubscribing is only one click away.

If only marriage was that simple. Oh, it is … “One Click Divorce – USA Today“.

P.S. Just jokes Honey


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