Automatic Enrolment Application Processing

A fast, easy online enrolment payment solution for schools

Enrol Pay is designed to take the time out of receiving school enrolments or expressions of interest. In a simple 5-step online process prospective parents can apply to enrol and pay the enrolment application fee in minutes.

EnrolPay has been proven to double the number of enrolment applications due to its simplicity and almost halve the management time.



How it Works

EnrolPay can connect to ANY website to collect enrolment information and processing payments. See the flowchart below to see how it works.


Screen Shots




Why Use?

Placing an automated enrolments or expression of interest form on your public website works! The days of downloading and faxing through enrolment forms are over.

EnrolPay provides clean data capture directly from your website – no double entry. Admin staff receive an email with all the key contact details and connections to siblings entered by the parent.

If your school charges an enrolment processing fee, then you can also take a credit card payment directly via the system saving hours of processing time.


Who Uses EnrolPay?

EnrolPay is a set of forms and processes that can be customised to suit your school, training organisation or club to capture appropriate data from an applicant. Schools require parent and guardian information, sibling connections as well as student health and historic information. This is all entered by the parents, saving you time and potential double entry errors.

In some cases, organisations also charge an enrolment processing fee. EnrolPay is built to connect to a payment gateway (such as EWAY or Westpac) to take this payment directly via credit card.

EnrolPay is currently used by two of Brisbane’s top schools, Brisbane Girls Grammar School and Brisbane Boys College.

You can see it in action here…


There are 2 components to the pricing structure of EnrolPay:

  1. Setup: Depending on the needs of the organisation, the setup fee maybe as little as $490, however some schools need specific rules and customisations to suit. Please contact a consultant to establish your setup fee.
  2. Hosting & Monthly License: In order to take payments online, EnrolPay needs to operate in a locked SSL environment with security certificate. This level of security and our 24/7 support and the license fee for $245/month.