Law firms compete or fall behind.

Digital strategies have profoundly influenced the way modern law firms market, the way they operate and the way they communicate with their clients. There was a time when a simple brochure website was enough… just set and forget. Not any more.

We are now dealing with whole generations, even businesses who prefer to search for information, shop and transact on line. Even in professional services, unless you stand out online many would-be clients will end up ‘landing on’ someone else.

The road to online success is a combination of technology, strategy, patience and persistence. But it starts with knowing how you want to compete and having a partner who can help take you there – one who understands the bigger digital opportunities, not just simple websites.

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Law Firm Digital Solutions

A typical modern digital strategy will include some or all of:

How do you get there?

We constantly monitor emerging trends and implement best practice solutions for our legal clients. KND Digital have the ‘runs on the board’ for start-ups right through to very sophisticated firms. Open source solutions for 300+ employees are no problem…

We ‘get‘ professional firms; we can integrate with any sophisticated practice systems; we have the creative and technical bases covered; and most importantly, we’re easy to do business with.

Our Clients include: