The Pig in the Python


Online marketing for baby boomers

Steve CurrieThe ‘pig in the python’ is the way some demographers refer to the huge bulge of the baby boomer generation compared to other generations. The sheer numbers of the baby boomer generation has a huge influence on the economy and right now this generation is hitting retirement age and wondering what to do with their businesses.

Many lawyers, accountants, financial and other business advisors are wrangling with succession planning, but seemingly to little effect, since 90% of business owners still have no succession plan in place.

A thirty year veteran of the financial services industry, Steve Currie (pictured) realised that many business advisors were ill-equipped to deal with the issue for their clients, or at least were only able to help their clients with some aspects of succession planning, but not all. And so was born the Business Risk Institute Australia (of which Steve is founder and managing director), specifically to help business advisors better understand the whole concept of succession planning and thereby be able to help their clients navigate this tricky process.

The Institute, which launched last month in Brisbane and in Sydney, will conduct a program to up skill financial and other business advisors and transform them into ‘specialist risk advisors’ able to advise their clients on succession planning options.

Both Steve and KND have had a close working relationship with Brisbane law firm Redchip for many years. KND work on an ongoing basis with the firm and so Steve made sure that KND were on his shortlist of web development companies.

“When we caught up with Jason and Chris from KND, I had already spoken to some other web developers. What impressed me the most was that the guys pretty much instantly ‘got’ what we were doing and what we were looking to achieve.” Steve explains. “That pretty much sealed the deal for us and we decided to commission them to build our web presence. It’s absolutely critical that our website ticks all the boxes – not just in terms of what we say on the site, but also in terms of the visual impression. Today most people check you out on the web at a very early stage, and we needed to pass that test with flying colours.”

Part of the brief was that the site needed to be fresh and innovative, and so would need to be capable of being updated with news, client stories, advice and tips, as well as up-to-date information on events. All of this functionality is built in, with a password protected member area with program material and other member services, scheduled to launch soon.

“Our approach is always to look at the big picture and stage out the development for the best management of strategy and budget.” says KND’s Chris Garrett. “BRIA considered the site a central element of their marketing strategy and critical to the launch phase. We needed the site live quickly to provide background information and an RSVP system for the launch events. Now we are preparing to launch the members’ area. It’s exciting to be an integral part of each stage of growth with a business.”

“We’re all really pleased with the way the site looks and the functionality that’s there ready for us for when we move beyond the current launch phase.” says Steve. “We have already had great feedback from people who have visited the site and who are now very keen to take part in our program. We are about to revolutionise our industry and KND are playing a big part in helping us do just that.”


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