The Website Sales Funnel


Discover the secrets to building a successful website strategy.

eBusiness marketing is no different from marketing a bricks and mortar business, except you have more accurate numbers to work with through every stage of the sales process. My advice at this stage is to just find out some numbers relating to each of those funnel stages as it relates to your e-Business.

Cold Suspects SEARCHING (online)

The number of keyword searches that relate to your industry type. For example… there maybe 3 million searches worldwide per day for the term ‘home loans’, but if your business can only service one geographic location and you were located in Sydney, Australia. How many people are searching for ‘home loans’ in Australia? Maybe 100,000/day; what about NSW and Sydney? Maybe 20,000. So if I had a home loan business in Sydney, NSW Australia, the top of my ONLINE component of the funnel is 20,000! (in Google they call it ‘possible impressions’)

Warm Suspects FINDING

Is made up of a few possibilities…

  • If you were running Google pay-per-click advertising, this is the total number of ‘Impressions’.
  • Your site performing well and appearing in natural search (ie NOT paid listings) results in either Google, Yahoo! Or MSN
  • Directory listings (yellowpages online), industry linkages, associations etc.
  • Other sites linking to you because they like your site! (to find this out go to and type in ‘’) very important for your Google PageRanking.

Cold Prospects LANDING

This number is very easy to find out – most, if not all websites have a statistical package attached to it. Finding out the ‘Cold Prospects LANDING’ number is easy as finding the ‘total unique visitors’ to your site. Be aware that this IS NOT ‘hits’ – ‘hits’ is another number altogether that only confuses the general public.
Notice also that I have suggested ‘Landed’ on your site in general – not just your homepage. Your homepage is just one possible landing page, you may (and should) have specific ‘landing pages’ set up to speak to particular markets in a particular way that integrate with your Google Adwords campaigns.

Warm Prospects BROWSING

In your stats package look at number of page views, popular pages, exit pages to glean this number.

To Sum Up…

So before I dig into strategies to help you build your business online, it is very important you understand the stages of the web sales funnel. In articles to come, I will look at each stage in detail and identify ways to help you increase the number of suspects, prospects and more importantly customers!

Searching – Finding – Landing – Browsing = REAL PROSPECTS


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