The User Experience Nightmare


Dial or control knob monitoring User Experience imprinted with the letters UX with channels for feedback labelled improvements, experience, design, layout and customerI wandered down the road to grab a pie on the weekend from my local SLEV – the affectionate name for the ‘Seven Eleven’. As I walked in through the sliding automatic doors a sign flung itself from the ceiling and stopped right in front of me… “Signup to our newsletter”. There was no room for me to move around the sign, so I had to reach up to the right corner to press the ‘X’ and it slid back into the ceiling.

Then I woke up… it was actually a nightmare! What a ridiculous scenario – Seven Eleven would never do that to their customers. Actually, no bricks and mortar store would do that right? So why do so many websites think it is ok to harass a user with pop-ups even before they experienced the website.

Is a business so SELF CENTERED that it thinks that EVERYONE wants to sign-up to their newsletter or ‘join the club’ without a chance to get to know it?

The business owner typically wonders why they receive no signups and sales are plummeting (or non-existent). In frustration, they then remove the popup and try another scattergun approach.

So what’s the lesson here?

Nurture the User Experience

Every visitor to your website is precious. Treat them with respect – design pathways that guide them to the things they need. Supermarkets know the value of this.

Sales is a give and take process. Customers won’t give you their information without something in exchange. This doesn’t need to be something material; it could simply be a good experience.

If they have browsed your ecommerce store for a few minutes, maybe then it is ok to ask them if they need assistance via chat, or would like to download the latest tips and tricks in exchange for their email address. Sometimes it is better that you introduce these questions into your checkout process.

The moral of the story is that your users are in control. You can try to force them down your sales funnel (or spam list), but if you are too pushy or ‘in their face’ the competition is only a click away.

Review your user experience through your customer’s eyes.


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