Web Design at the End of the Earth


Chris Garrett bailing waterLiving in Brisbane, you will understand what good weather means. We enjoy almost 300 days of sunshine a year. However, when it does rain it’s like the end of the earth. At the moment, I’m thinking we’ve got about 38 days left.

As you can see from my bailing efforts, our courtyard is filling up fast and threatening to flood our office yet again. We’ve had to change the carpets once already this year and would like to avoid it again if possible.

To combat this, we will be converting the KND office into a raft. There are several advantages of this method of flood management –

  1. No more bailing (yay)
  2. The office can rise and fall with the flood water
  3. If we grow tired of the view, we can just paddle down to the bay
  4. We can visit you for meetings while still utilising our boardroom and coffee machine

Should you have the misfortune of working in a large multi-story building, floating it may not be an option. This link to eHow will show you how to build an ark in seven simple steps. http://www.ehow.com/how_2120468_build-ark.html

P.S. If you need a second drongo to make a pair for your ark, you can have Dallas (Pictured here using his iMac to balance the iBucket to catch the iWater dripping from the ceiling).


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