What’s your digital direction?


Your Digital Compass Self Assessment ToolDigital Compass

Do you know what parts of your digital strategy are working?

KND’s FREE 15 minute questionnaire, Your Digital Compass will help you identify the parts of your digital strategy that are working and those that need improvement.

Your Digital Compass is a 100-point digital health check designed for you to self-assess your business. It assesses your website, branding, lead generation and conversion and results in an overall performance score that includes loads of advice and recommendations.

Yes, it’s FREE! Why? Because our passion is educating business owners and marketers about innovative digital strategy. The Internet moves fast and we are here to help you keep up and stay competitive.

It’s mobile and iPad friendly, so take 15 minutes over a coffee to do the questionnaire and tell your friends about it. We are very excited by feedback we have had so far.



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