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  • amazon web services tm logo

    Amazon Web Services for the SME/ SEP 23

    Websites and apps have never been more critical to business. More software is moving online as the cloud becomes a safe and viable option. Traditional web servers may not be enough for your business anymore. How much downtime can you afford? Does your site load fast enough? And, do you have a growth plan for […]

  • hacker trying to guess your password - protection starts with a strong password

    Protection Starts with a Strong Password/ MAY 31

    If you own a website, this will scare the pants off you. The most common way to hack a website is to guess the password. It is usually done using a technique called a brute-force attack. Hackers use software to iterate through password combinations and repeatedly try them on your site. There is free software […]

  • Creating Accessible PDFs

    Web Accessibility in the Spot Light/ MAY 31

    With WCAG 2.0 ‘AA’ accessibility guidelines now mandatory for all Australian government departments (since December 2014) from federal down to local it is really interesting to see how many are now racing to catch up. What does it really mean? Who is taking it seriously and does it impact SMEs? In our experience, currently there […]

  • Matching a project to a budget

    Budgets Can’t be Secrets/ MAR 2

    How to make your project fit your budget. A project’s defining factor is its’ budget, whether the project is a house, a holiday or an app. You always build to your budget. If you don’t tell your builder/travel agent/developer what your budget is, they don’t know where to start. There are houses with in-built coffee […]

  • google penalises bad mobile sites

    Google Penalises Bad Mobile Sites/ JAN 29

    How does your site rank for mobile searches? Did you know that Google ranks sites differently for mobile searches? If your site doesn’t adapt to small screens properly, Google will consider it broken and dump the searcher on your home page, and not necessarily the page they wanted. As it considers your site ‘broken’ it […]

  • three ways to cut costs through business automation

    3 Ways to Cut Costs through Business Automation/ JAN 29

    The start of the year is always a great time to review each layer of your business to see which processes are slowing you down. We have recently reviewed our systems and, being in the business of improving ‘processes’, these are some of the elements we are currently working on. It is easy to sit […]