Are your online enquiries thriving or dying?


One of our long term clients (who will go unnamed) was unhappy with the number of enquiries from their online forms. After getting together and analysing how people moved through their web site (path analysis) we decided to launch a ‘homepage’ campaign to encourage enquiries without the need for additional clicks. The results have been amazing – with enquiries up by 60% and going strong.

But that’s not the whole story.

For KND, this was not good enough! We were interested in the number of conversions of those leads once they hit the organization. What processes are in place to effectively capture, convert and turn a satisfied customer into a raving fan!

As a result, we ran some ‘mystery enquiries’ to test the response time and effectiveness of the organization when dealing with Internet enquiries. The results were eye-opening for the company’s management. As an example, after a user (me disguised as ‘John Jones’) had entered their contact details, an automated message appeared, telling me that they will be in contact within a few minutes. If fact, the result was appalling, the response time was 25 hours and 13 minutes after the enquiry was submitted!! THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! (On the web or in business)

The Silver Lining

For company management, the mystery tests highlighted the need to address internal lead conversion processes to effectively handle Internet enquiries.

“The web is an ‘instant delivery’ information source, users expect instant response to enquiries, automated responses combined with a seamless, clear path to satisfy the need.”

Getting this right is not difficult, but solid planning to produce results is the key. The web strategy needs to fit the business strategy and vice versa.

BTW, our example company is on the path to success with a steady flow of conversions that is growing by the day!


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