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Escrow is the safest way to buy high value items online. Rather than your money going directly into the seller’s account, it is held by a third-party in an Escrow account until you are happy with your purchase and release the funds.

Step 1

Step 1Transaction initiates

Once your customer and merchant agree to the exchange, a new transaction is set up in Eagle Payments.

Step 2

Step 2Buyer sends funds to escrow

The customer makes payment in escrow. Once the funds arrive in Assembly’s trust account, both parties are notified to proceed with the physical exchange of goods or services offline.

Step 3

Step 3Physical exchange of the asset

With the merchant assured that the payment is now held securely in escrow (by Assembly on your behalf) the merchant transfers the goods or delivers the service to their customer.

Step 4

Step 4Funds released to merchant

Once the exchange is complete and the customer is satisfied, they are prompted to release the funds from escrow to the merchant. The escrow transaction is now considered complete.

Flexible refunds

Provide your business and users with simple, flexible and self managed refund capabilities – whether it’s a full, partial, still-in-escrow, or post-sale refund.

Instant payouts

Allow merchants to immediately access funds disbursed to their bank account. Also known as ‘push to card,’ it spells the end for the customary overnight wait.

Milestone payments

Easily set up staged payment schedules, allowing buyers to release payments incrementally over the course of a project as specific milestones are reached.

Multi-party payments

Configure complex transactions easily – from single or multiple buyers, merchants or brokers – to split payments and payouts in any combination you require.

Batch payouts

Perform mass payments at any scale or volume using the Assembly API or by uploading your batch payment instructions as an XYZ file.

Deposits and top-ups

Enable your users to make upfront deposits or partial payments that are paid through immediately, or held in escrow until the final payment is made.

Scheduled payouts

Schedule remittances to your merchants’ nominated payout methods at pre-arranged time intervals – daily, weekly, monthly or however frequently you would prefer.

Multi party payouts

Easily disburse funds to multiple parties with a single API call after each sales transaction or as a batch payout.

Assembly Payments

Who We Trust

We trust Assembly Paymentsto handle all our transactions. Assembly Payments are based in Australia, but operate globally. They manage online transactions for some of the worlds largest companies including Gumtree and Airtasker.

Read more about Assembly Payment’s escrow service here

During the establishment of the escrow agreement Assembly Payments will need to know who we both are. There will be time to confirm identifications on both sides of the agreement. Failure to provide ID confirmation or sufficient identification will result in a terminated transaction. This will occur before any funds are transferred.