Free SSL for Everybody!


cPanel Announce Free SSL for Christmas 2016

free sslWeb security is continually under pressure to stay ahead of hacking techniques and technologies. Firewalls, proxies and brute force lockouts are all standard practice now. Passwords are getting ridiculous and small businesses are now employing security measures that were once the realm of Government and big business.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or security certificates encrypt the data to and from your website. It is mandatory for ecommerce and highly sensitive websites and is growing in popularity across all sites.

An SSL can cost you anywhere between $60 and $250 installed, however a group of large Internet service providers has been pushing for an open source solution ( ) because they believe it should be a free service.

Hosting software giants, cPanel have developed their own called AutoSSL and are now providing free SSL certificates on all cPanel hosting accounts.

Guess What?! Our servers operate with cPanel, so …

All KND clients will receive FREE SSL security on their website.
Effective immediately.

Merry Christmas!!

Existing clients will be upgraded seamlessly over the next few weeks and all new clients will automatically be set up with it.

Our guys at the data center have been rigorously testing over the past few months and are satisfied that AutoSSL meets the highest security standards. KND must operate to a Federal Government level of security, so we don’t take these things lightly.

KND has repaired close to 100 websites this year and we’ve seen the various methods and reasons for hacks. SSL won’t stop your site from getting hacked, but it will stop third parties from listening to communications between the website and its’ users.

Key Points about AutoSSL

  • Every site is eligible.
  • Your server must be running the latest version of cPanel.
  • Once switched on, you will see a green lock next to your URL.
  • These SSLs will not provide a green info box, just the lock
  • Some accounts may need to change their htaccess files. Your developer will assist with this
  • It can be disabled on a case by case basis
  • It’s FREE. If you are paying for SSLs, you’re hosting with the wrong company.


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