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We’ll analyse your website and provide you with a customised strategy for achieving optimal website performance. This can mean more leads, more conversions, and more satisfied customers.

You’ll receive a personalised 15-minute video report with step-by-step analysis of your site, plus easy to understand recommendations to help you maximise your site’s performance.

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User experience & usability

We’ll look at how effectively your website fulfills your audience’s needs and whether your website delivers an experience that keeps them coming back.

Calls to action

How well do you motivate your prospects to take action? Effective calls to action are the key links between leads and conversions. We’ll make sure you are maximising every opportunity.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Quality SEO requires many factors. Our comprehensive review will include on-page and technical strategies. We’ll also provide an analysis of your competitors’ sites and explain why they may be ranking higher than your site.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile accounts for over 40% of all traffic in ANY industry. Your website must be optimised for all screen sizes. Our video report will let you experience first-hand what your audience is seeing and help you create exceptional interactions with your customers.

Speed analysis

Slow load times can result in a poor audience experience and negatively impact your search ranking. We’ll run speed tests across your site and show you how to get it loading faster.

Clever tools with real human analysis

We use a range of the latest tools to analyse your website however the deepest value comes from our team of experts who review your individual data and develop a personalised strategy.

  • Google Data Studio
  • SEM Rush
  • Heat mapping
  • Speed testing
  • Server testing and more.

Your 15-minute video report guides you through the critical elements of optimal website performance. We show you what you are doing well and where you can improve.

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What our clients say

Our clients have trusted us with their website performance for over 20 years. What are you waiting for?

Jack Bradford

I’d highly recommend working with Jason, Chris and the rest of the team at KND. They are dedicated, results-driven service providers who have helped my company to construct a user-friendly and engaging website. Very pleased!

Ben French

We have worked with Jason and his team for 13 years and have found the team very responsive and helpful for our online digital needs. From building our website to answering technical questions, we know we can trust them for a quality result every time. I would recommend their services.

Nathan Bowen

I'm building a start-up and KND along with Jason were recommended to help get us back on track. Jason helped us beyond our expectations and added a huge contribution by articulating our requirements into wireframes, narrowing down our product features and focusing on high value functions, great communication with our designer. What we ended up with is world class and very close to what we will go to market with in early 2018. If you're a new business or have fresh concepts KND will be an investment to seeing your ideas come alive.

Dave Cooper

We would like to thank yourself and the team at KND Digital for your efforts over the last few months, and an extremely successful release of the new Dalton Nicol Reid website this week.

The responsive design website has delivered and exceeded all expectations of the business. The primary objectives were to release a distinctive website that reflected our brand, reproduced in a consistent way across all common web browsers and mobiles devices and was delivered on time within budget. These objectives were unquestionably achieved, and the business has received significant positive feedback from clients within hours of the website's release.

The project progressed extremely well, and the relationship with Chris and KND, feeling like a partnership, with a shared objective. This would be one of the most pleasurable and successful projects ever undertaken in just under 20 years of being involved in IT projects. As challenges were uncovered, solutions were quickly identified and implemented throughout the entire project lifecycle.

If anyone is considering any website development, I would have no hesitation in recommending, and in fact would encourage, trusting KND Digital to deliver your solution.