eCommerce Product Pages That Sell

16 September 2020

So what makes a really good e-commerce site a really great e-commerce site different from all the rest?

Content marketing Fail… WHAT NOT TO DO!

8 September 2020

Every digital marketer knows that the path to success in google search for your website is a solid content marketing strategy.

Working Remotely

13 March 2020

Finding the right mix of software for your business means you are connected and agile. If a global pandemic forces you to work from home, it’s no big deal.

The Top 5 Mistakes Business Make On Their Website

18 February 2020

I’m going to take you through the top five mistakes business owners make when they’re building their website and particularly planning their website

When Updating your website goes bad!

11 February 2020

Now as many of you know I am mad keen sailor. it’s my weekend thing to do and sometimes by midweek thing to do as well. I Absolutely love it! Now because I’m a web guy and also a sailing guy I tend to run the Brisbane Etchells website. Now in the past, we’ve run […]

Personalising your Website’s User Experience

11 February 2020

Devices are listening, social media channels are following our every move, websites are tracking and delivering our data back to us in creepy and scary ways sometimes! What’s going on with privacy online!

Web Design Trends 2020

21 January 2020

If you are thinking of a website redesign in 2020 then you need to consider the latest design trends that are filtering through the web at the moment. Getting a fresh design gives your site longevity.

Inside our Digital Strategy

13 January 2020

Welcome to 2020 everyone! Hopefully you’ve come back to work refreshed and recharged with some creativity to really take on the new year and the new decade. I know for us these first couple of weeks of the year can be a bit quite. Certainly in B2B you know people are doing their own thing, […]

Web Design Or Fresh Content?

16 December 2019

Procrastination is just such a business killer! Why do it now when we can do it later or tomorrow or the next day! It is just such a de-motivator and so easy to do as a business owner, and that applies to websites.

Websites & Email driving the Black Friday hangover

9 December 2019

So hands up who doesn’t have a hangover from Black Friday and Cyber Monday? What a crazy weekend it was. I know my creditcard’s hurting and I’ve just bought stuff that I really haven’t needed! I know plenty of you have as well, it’s just been nuts. It’s a just a massive change for how […]

Get Google Reviews Fast

2 December 2019

Google now makes it much easier for you to ask customers for a review!

Don’t let your Google Ads get blocked

26 November 2019

As many of you know KND Digital also run Hack Rescue, it’s a high response repair service for websites that get attacked and so what we’re seeing recently is a disconnect between Google ads and your website and how it’s seen after it is attacked.

What website hosting is best for you?

18 November 2019

Choosing the best website hosting for your business is a mine field. There are some tips as to your options and which may suit your current situation.

The End of Website Tracking As We Know it!

11 November 2019

This is an overview of how Safari and Firefox have locked down cross-site tracking and the impact this has for business.

Planning your 2020 Digital Strategy

4 November 2019

2020 is just around the corner and now is the time you should be formulating your strategic digital strategies for the year ahead.