What website hosting is best for you?

18 November 2019

Choosing the best website hosting for your business is a mine field. There are some tips as to your options and which may suit your current situation.

The End of Website Tracking As We Know it!

11 November 2019

This is an overview of how Safari and Firefox have locked down cross-site tracking and the impact this has for business.

Planning your 2020 Digital Strategy

4 November 2019

2020 is just around the corner and now is the time you should be formulating your strategic digital strategies for the year ahead.

What happens when your eCommerce Payment gateway fails?

28 October 2019

What would it feel like as a full-on e-commerce owner to have your payment system completely shut off by the supplier? Well that’s what happened to a client of ours recently and they’re in a world of pain for several weeks to come to a solution. It was by no fault of their own… one […]

Success Factors for CRM to Website Integration

21 October 2019

I’ve recently had the privilege of working with a fantastic startup that’s really kicking goals internationally and locally. And now for them critically important success factors for growth in controlling their customer data. Knowing what their customers are doing and how they’re interacting with their business. They don’t just sell product, they run foundational educational […]

The 4 Google Tools that MUST be connected to your Web Site.

12 October 2019

Give your website the best possible chance for it to shine in Google!

What to do when Facebook Removes LIKES?

8 October 2019

Some of you may received notification from FB about change in the display of the LIKES in your feed. What does this mean for business? We are not totally sure yet, but you can ensure you don’t become a victim of the rule changes by revisiting your strategy.

How Solid UX can help Google’s Rankbrain

30 September 2019

Today I wanted to share a few secrets with you about how UX “User Experience” can influence your organic search engine ranking in Google so your SERP ranking from 1 to 10 to 1 to 3000 on multiple pages so we want to try and get your page up as high that can be in […]

How UX Improvements can save you $$$

20 September 2019

User Experience or UX as we’d like to call it is not rocket science, but many businesses chase UX just purely to increase sales so increase conversion make more cash at the front end.

When Content Marketing Works!

16 September 2019

It’s not very often we showcase the success of our clients and a particular strategy we involve, but today I just thought I would, because these numbers are really good!

WordPress Multi-Language Plugin options 2019

9 September 2019

Wordpress plugin options for the best multi-language on your website.

New Website? Plan your customer journeys!

2 September 2019

If you are planning a new website, it pays to plan your customer journeys.

New Website? Think Strategy Prt 2: Capabilities

26 August 2019

Planning a new website design and build? What are the skills needed to deliver an outstanding result.

New Website? Think Strategy Prt 1: Company Goals

29 July 2019

In my last video we looked at how business strategies should be involved in your new website strategy and how to connect the dots between the top five C’s of Company, Capabilities, Customers, Climate and Competitors and how that contributes to the decision making process when you’re planning your new site.

New Website? Think Business Strategy

22 July 2019

Let’s face it, putting together a new website can be just a massive pain in the arse! There’s so many layers it’s peeling off the onion, layer after layer of complexity that can unfold as you go through the process.