Instagram… Great Catalogue, Terrible Shopping!

8 July 2019

There’s some incredibly exciting stuff going on for e-commerce owners inside the Facebook ecosystem and the Instagram ecosystem.

When Big Business Meets Voice Search

1 July 2019

Can Voice Search be dominated by big business? It’s the new frontier so the big players are trying to get ahead in the game early.

ux knob dialled to the customer - learn about the user experience nightmare

How to Wow Your Prospects With Stunning UX on Your Website

5 June 2019

User experience (UX) has a tremendous effect on the results you get from your website.

Understand Website User Flow

Understanding User flow (behavior flow) to increase website performance

26 May 2019

Now on the Internet, we call that userflow. We want to try and map a users journey through a website to get the ultimate goal a conversion, an inquiry, a sale ,whatever that might be that you want the user to do

drive traffic to your shopify store

4 Ways to drive traffic to your Shopify store

23 May 2019

So, you’ve started your own Shopify store, and you’re proud of it. You spent hours getting all of your products listed and making it look just the way you want. You’re finally done, but there’s only one problem – no one is visiting your store. Getting people to visit your store – or any website […]

Opening screen for Website API video

Connecting APIs to your website for increasing sales

19 May 2019

APIs are technical, but they can add extraordinary power to your website.

improving website with analysis of your bounce rates

Website Bounce Rates – the good, bad and ugly

12 May 2019

Great web design is based on understanding your users engagement. Low bounce rates is good for business and conversions.

Opening screen of video.

40s, 50s or 60+? The Internet needs you!

5 May 2019

It’s time for us more mature business owners to share our experience and knowledge in Video! It will stop the early starters from making the same mistakes we made!

Opening Screen of latest Youtube video

Testing Mobile Websites

29 April 2019

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the team from the Seabin Group on their new website.

Opening screen of the video about website hackers

Keeping website Hackers out

22 April 2019

If you’ve turned up to work today and seeing something like this on the homepage of your website then your shit day has just begun!

Boost your Website and Business using Google’s My Business

15 April 2019

When your prospects and clients search for you online what are the first impressions they get? Usually it’s within the Google platform, and it’s using Google’s MyBusiness tools. So it might be via the map they’re searching for you to get to you, but even before that just a general search of your company now […]