3 Ways to Cut Costs through Business Automation

29 January 2015

The start of the year is always a great time to review each layer of your business to see which processes are slowing you down. We have recently reviewed our systems and, being in the business of improving ‘processes’, these are some of the elements we are currently working on. It is easy to sit […]

The Fitbit gives Jason a Workout

23 September 2014

As some of you who see me on a regular basis will note that I have put on a few kilos in the past 18 months. The bottom line was that whilst I don’t eat much unhealthy food I had completely stopped exercising. Fortunately, at the same time my gut was manifesting its own postcode, […]

Heartbleed Bug Poses Major Security Threat

9 April 2014

If security is important to you, read this.

eCommerce and secure website owners should call your hosting provider immediately to make sure they have protected their servers against the Heartbleed Bug.

How to grow your business, not Facebook’s

26 March 2014

Learn how Google and Facebook make you play their game, take your money and then change the rules.

Here’s how to beat them.

What $500 buys in social media advertising

7 February 2014

With online advertising spend overtaking TV advertising spend for the first time, knowing best practices when investing money into social media has never been more important.

The big question is, how much should you spend and where will it take you?

Top Digital Trends for 2014

2 February 2014

2014 is now well underway, so it’s time to consider how your business will tackle the coming twelve months in the virtual world. Where are the smart businesses investing in online and what may give you the edge?

Digital Strategy Tips

29 October 2013

A web strategy should be an evolution not a revolution. A carefully planned strategy needs to be rolled out over time so it can be continually tested and measured and adjusted to maximize the ever-changing landscape of the online market.

The Need For Speed

28 September 2013

In the competitive world of online advertising it takes just three seconds for a prospect to decide if your product or service is for them and with hundreds of competitors only one click away, the challenge for small business owners is knowing how fast is fast enough to respond to an enquiry. Recognising the need […]

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Choosing a CRM

4 June 2013

The latest crop of cloud based CRM systems will change the way you do business. If you are still using MS Outlook to manage contacts and calendars, you will simply be left behind. Learn how to find the perfect system.

Google God Penguin Update

Protection from the Penguin Update 2.0

31 May 2013

6 easy ways to protect your website and business from the notorious Google Penguin 2.0 Update.

4 Ways to Protect Yourself from an Unreliable Web Designer

9 May 2013

Work with web specialists so you don’t have to worry about all the technical aspects, but there are a few things you should keep on file in case your web designer goes belly up.