Video screenshot - how to get your app live.

CONNECT KND ep 09: How to Finish your App Development and Get. It. Live!

3 February 2019

Getting your App live, pushed through the testing phase can be such a frustrating, painful journey! Just ask anyone who has been through the process before.

Applying 4DX to Digital Strategy

CONNECT KND ep 08: Applying 4DX to Digital Strategy

28 January 2019

Achieve your Goals faster with 4DX, we are focusing our digital strategy totally on a single WIG!

How Wireframes Save Big Dollars

CONNECT KND: ep 7: How Wireframes Save Big $$$

20 January 2019

Planning a website, mobile app or web app? It all starts with Wireframes! Get it down on paper first and save big $$$$ in the development process.

CONNECT KND ep 6 Building Trust

13 January 2019

Getting visitors to trust your website and business in the first 2 – 5 seconds is a challenge!

Common Local SEO Mistakes in Websites and How to Avoid Them

8 January 2019

Building influence in the local SEO sphere? Learn what are the most common mistakes to avoid and set upon your journey with some simple solutions you can implement today.

CONNECT KND: ep.5: How to 10X Grow Your Website

7 January 2019

Launch your 2019 digital strategy with our 7 steps to accelerate your website’s growth.

ux design - user experience design

Is it U/X or U/I? Taking the Confusion Out of Digital Design Disciplines

18 December 2018

To realise a successful rollout of a finished digital product, both U/X and U/I designers must work together to integrate the iterations that lead to a successful, user-friendly device that satisfies the objectives of the business and public alike.

CONNECT KND: ep 4: How to create a Call To Action that works

17 December 2018

How to get Calls To Action (CTAs) to drive smooth UX and Conversions

CONNECT KND: ep. 3. Optimising Landing Pages for Search

9 December 2018

It’s all about alignment! Find out what to align with what and for whom.

Screenshot of opening of video about payment gates

CONNECT KND: Ep.2: Collect the Cash, Best Payment Gateways

2 December 2018

What is the best method to “collect the cash” in your eCommerce store? User Experience, Convenience, Volume and Trust all play a part.

suncorp case study mobile app development

8 Tips for Building Your Business Mobile App – Pt 2

28 November 2018

When building business mobile apps, focus on your customer – allow for multiple accounts, reward customers through loyalty programs and incorporating “smarts” into your app to provide real-world value, and make sure users can set their own notifications.

CONNECT KND: ep.1 Landing Page Secrets

26 November 2018

This is the first episode of our weekly video series that deep dives digital insights and how they can drive your business strategy

The tremendous power of video on your website

21 November 2018

Need more sales? Make a video. Want to describe your service? Make a video. Want to rank higher in Google? You get the picture. Find out the how and why of video for your website.

cross bet case study mobile app development by KND Digital

8 Tips for Building Your Business Mobile App

20 November 2018

Successful Business Mobile Apps must provide adequate access to your services, often innovating beyond your website offering, to give users real world value and to solve daily problems.