CONNECT KND: ep. 3. Optimising Landing Pages for Search

9 December 2018

It’s all about alignment! Find out what to align with what and for whom.

Screenshot of opening of video about payment gates

CONNECT KND: Ep.2: Collect the Cash, Best Payment Gateways

2 December 2018

What is the best method to “collect the cash” in your eCommerce store? User Experience, Convenience, Volume and Trust all play a part.

suncorp case study mobile app development

8 Tips for Building Your Business Mobile App – Pt 2

28 November 2018

When building business mobile apps, focus on your customer – allow for multiple accounts, reward customers through loyalty programs and incorporating “smarts” into your app to provide real-world value, and make sure users can set their own notifications.

CONNECT KND: ep.1 Landing Page Secrets

26 November 2018

This is the first episode of our weekly video series that deep dives digital insights and how they can drive your business strategy

The tremendous power of video on your website

21 November 2018

Need more sales? Make a video. Want to describe your service? Make a video. Want to rank higher in Google? You get the picture. Find out the how and why of video for your website.

cross bet case study mobile app development by KND Digital

8 Tips for Building Your Business Mobile App

20 November 2018

Successful Business Mobile Apps must provide adequate access to your services, often innovating beyond your website offering, to give users real world value and to solve daily problems.

Why you need a SSL Certificate for your website

Why you need SSL for your website

13 November 2018

Having a secure certificate on your website is imperative for the health and search-ability of your business. Learn about how getting an SSL Certificate for your website is a game changer.

how to write an effective call to action

How to write an effective call to action

9 November 2018

Too often we forget that websites are mostly a functional item. Help your customers with clear instructions and guidance. If they don’t find what they want in two seconds, they’ll be gone.

PHP v5.6 is about to be end of life. Similarly so is 7.0.

Your site is about to get a lot more hackable

18 October 2018

PHP 5.6 is coming to end-of-life (EOL) at the end of this year. For security and peace of mind, talk to your hosting provider about your website’s risk of getting hacked.

digital strategy and analytics

The role of performance-based analytics with digital strategy

12 October 2018

Having the capacity to take advantage of the immense volume of data available is what differentiates successful digital strategies from lacklustre ones.

Testing User Interface Elements for Website Design

Three reasons testing is vital for floating user interface elements

18 September 2018

Website design is a constant process. In today’s online environment, your business website isn’t a single stable design.

people using amp pages

(Almost) Instant Mobile Pages With AMP

4 September 2018

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a webpage technology that can deliver relatively instant mobile page loads.

Sarah Dungey

Content and Strategic SEO: Meet Sarah Dungey @ KND

27 August 2018

You need Sarah’s help more than you think.

innovation nation - how to innovate your business

What you need to know regarding hosting

22 August 2018

There are several options when it comes to the physical setup of your hosting, and your hosting company may specialise in one or more method or offer solutions from all available options.

conversion rate optimisation with website design

Optimising Your Website’s Design for Higher Conversion Rates

14 August 2018

By considering website design with conversion rates in mind, you can make your website cleaner, easier to use, and ultimately better at converting.