Sarah Dungey

Content and Strategic SEO: Meet Sarah Dungey @ KND

27 August 2018

You need Sarah’s help more than you think.

innovation nation - how to innovate your business

What you need to know regarding hosting

22 August 2018

There are several options when it comes to the physical setup of your hosting, and your hosting company may specialise in one or more method or offer solutions from all available options.

conversion rate optimisation with website design

Optimising Your Website’s Design for Higher Conversion Rates

14 August 2018

By considering website design with conversion rates in mind, you can make your website cleaner, easier to use, and ultimately better at converting.


Abandoned Shopping Carts

7 August 2018

Actual shopping is hell, which is why we shop online. But, the virtual car parks are littered with abandoned shopping carts. Turns out, they are a lot easier to recover than you thought.

Chris Garrett rocking Festival Hall in his youth

Amplify Your Content Marketing With These Simple Concepts

30 July 2018

Sometimes marketers give up after their press releases don’t get them the attention they think they deserve. Others move to a pay for advertising and end up paying out more than they can afford.

digital transformations drive competitive advantage

Using Digital Transformation to Drive Competitive Advantage

17 July 2018

Digital strategy is the hot topic in business right now, in fact, digital tech is often the first place managers and business owners look to drive change, find efficiencies and grow revenue. Traditionally, finding competitive advantage was defined by Michael Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies which target three fundamental approaches: Cost Leadership: Becoming the low-cost producer […]

Website Infrastructure

Information about your IT and website setup that you must know

10 July 2018

What are the individual parts of your IT infrastructure up to right now? Who is the person you should talk to if any of them have an issue? When is the next invoice due for hosting or domain renewal?

offshore facilitation

Developing Software with Offshore Facilitation

3 July 2018

As the world shrinks and start-ups usually require a digital presence before they have any money, it is becoming increasingly popular to look offshore for development skills. Here’s how you can do it safely and with less stress.

email marketing trends

4 Email Marketing Trends to Inform Your Mid-Year Review

26 June 2018

Typically, businesses review their digital strategy annually and implement adjustments at the beginning of each calendar year. But, with changes in digital technology happening at practically the speed of thought, it’s prudent to review and adjust your strategy throughout the year. With that idea in mind, here are 4 email marketing trends you should consider as you […]

apple ios features

Secret iOS Features Apple Didn’t Announce

19 June 2018

There’s a great set of new features in Apple’s latest version of iOS 12. Being technophiles, we here at KND have installed the developer beta and have been putting it through its paces. The more obvious features are great. These were revealed during the latest keynote speech early June 2018. Here’s a few of the […]

website health and optimisation

SEO & Website Health Go Hand in Hand

12 June 2018

Improve your SEO by addressing your Website’s Health You may be wondering why your website is ranking so poorly in Google organic search results or Google is forcing your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) higher because the quality score of your landing pages is poor. It may be speed warnings or redirect issues, or you are just getting […]

user flows and how to optimise your website

User Flows: What They Are and How to Optimise Them

8 June 2018

A user flow is a path taken by users through a website as they perform a task, such as buying a product. Diagramming, analysing and optimising user flows can help you and your design team focus your site’s traffic toward specific tasks and destinations. The end result can increase retention, improve conversion rates and provide […]

privacy policy website updates

The GDPR, Better Privacy and You

4 June 2018

Europe takes a bold step towards online privacy and will hopefully make people more aware of the free-for-all that’s happening with your private data. Here’s how you can comply with the GDPR.

google map changes

Changes to Google Maps Products & Pricing

1 June 2018

Google is making changes to the way they offer and support Google Map Products, which will take effect on June 11, 2018. These changes mean there are no more free API keys. All users must enable billing with a credit card on their account and set up the new API key in their systems. Google […]

building mobile websites

5 Keys to building mobile sites that work

6 April 2018

Mobile websites are not an options anymore. Here’s how to do it properly.