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Digital Strategy – Getting the fundamentals right

20 March 2018

We recently had some great wins for our clients, doubling and tripling conversion rate and enquiries, awesome – that’s definitely why I turn up to work each day. But more often than not, then next challenge is ‘now we just need more traffic!’. So is it the chicken or the egg: clicks or conversions? Are there […]

2018 online marketing trends

Online Digital Marketing Trends For 2018: The 3 You Need To Know

6 March 2018

With digital marketing becoming increasingly lucrative, organisations are continuing to forego traditional marketing methods and increase their budgets for digital marketing strategies. However, just because you invest in digital marketing will not make it successful – it is about the approach and investing in the right tools and services that will benefit your niche business. […]


The State of eCommerce in 2017

15 September 2017

The face of online retail, or ecommerce, has changed significantly in the last few years. Here are the key points and some new ideas.

google adwords certification - we're proud google partners

We’re proud Google Partners

4 September 2017

‘Google Partners’ is a Google program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts. Earning the badge is no easy task. Google requires a solid record of growth, coupled with constant account improvement and certification in Google’s products. KND’s Google Partner Badge means you can be sure that we’re […]

2017 digital to-do list

2017 Digital ToDos

9 February 2017

I spend a lot of time researching, discussing and attending events to keep up to date on ‘Digital Trends’. It blows my mind that, even though we are in the digital industry, there are always extraordinary people and technologies emerging that are going to rock the business world in the not so distant future. The […]

five ways social media has refined consumer behaviour

5 Ways Social Media Has Redefined Consumer Behaviour

11 January 2017

A decade ago, social media was seen as little more than the latest fad among the Internet generation. A way for college and high school kids to keep in touch, gossip, and talk about the latest trends. Today, though, social media is a massive, economic force — a requirement for businesses to be successful, and […]

free ssl for everyone

Free SSL for Everybody!

14 December 2016

cPanel Announce Free SSL for Christmas 2016 Web security is continually under pressure to stay ahead of hacking techniques and technologies. Firewalls, proxies and brute force lockouts are all standard practice now. Passwords are getting ridiculous and small businesses are now employing security measures that were once the realm of Government and big business. SSL […]

google says my website has been hacked - who can help me? Hack rescue can.

Help! Google Says My Website May Be Hacked!

9 December 2016

What are the five most frightening words to a web site owner? “This site may be hacked”, at least when those words are under your site’s link in Google’s search results! While your site is stuck with this warning, you’ll likely see your incoming Google traffic plunge to nearly nothing. Google will slide this warning […]

laptop, SEO - six undeniable reasons to invest in seo

6 Undeniable Reasons to Invest in SEO

29 November 2016

Whether you run a small blog or large-scale e-commerce website, you should optimize it for higher search rankings. An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy requires time, dedication and resources. However, most seasoned marketers agree that it’s well worth the investment; here’s why. 1) It’s Cost Effective SEO is one of the most cost-effective digital […]

selfie business woman and men - social media impacts us election

How Social Media Won (And Lost) The U.S. Election

22 November 2016

MogIA, an artificial intelligence program designed to predict presidential elections, now has a record of four for four. The concept of the program is pretty simple; all it does is search social media to determine how engaged people are with each of the candidates. The total post count is a factor, but MogAI also attempts […]

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Government grants up for grabs

17 November 2016

Receive a whopping $10,000 from the QLD Government Yes its true! You can get a big chunk of money from the government towards your KND digital projects, allowing you to leapfrog ahead of your competitors in the digital sphere. Matched funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) may be provided to eligible businesses for exactly […]

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Upgrading Joomla! and Drupal to WordPress

16 November 2016

A case for WordPress Security Website security is a critical part of doing business. Your CMS (content management system) choice has a huge effect on your ability to maintain security. A CMS needs to be robust and easily kept up to date. Out of date CMS’s are one of the three primary targets for hackers, […]

ux knob dialled to the customer - learn about the user experience nightmare

The User Experience Nightmare

8 November 2016

I wandered down the road to grab a pie on the weekend from my local SLEV – the affectionate name for the ‘Seven Eleven’. As I walked in through the sliding automatic doors a sign flung itself from the ceiling and stopped right in front of me… “Signup to our newsletter”. There was no room […]

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Internet Marketing Trends Dominating 2016

23 September 2016

How to Spend Your Online Marketing Dollar this Year. To be competitive means you must stay ahead of your opposition and be sensitive to changes in technology and digital marketing. We have reached a point where the commercialisation of cyberspace has an almost limitless reach. Competition is fierce and predicting future trends can be daunting. […]